PEER Next is the latest launch of Leocorno Enterprises, a company which is a pioneer in the harm reduction space since 2016, and offers consumer brands in India and abroad. PEER Next’s mission is to become the largest supplier of active carbon filters, rolling papers, lighters and other smoking accessories, with a focus on next generation smoking products.

In addition to having collaborative tie ups for leading international smoking accessory brands, we have launched our own brand of active carbon filters which offers a superior product at a competitive price. We believe that in order for these carbon filters to become mainstream in India like in the case of European countries, the retail price point needs to be in a sweet spot so that increasing number of adult users can readily switch over from roaches to carbon filters.   



1. Uncompromised Quality

From top quality brands, durable courier packaging, intuitive website interface, to efficient customer service for B2B and B2C customers, all interaction points are consistently superior.

2. Unmatched Value

We deliver uncompromising and matchless quality with a focus on next generation smoking products at compelling price points so that the value generation to final adult consumers is maximized.

3. Working with the Best

We firmly believe in working with the best brands, raw material suppliers, logistics providers, retail channel and distribution partners, and having the most driven team at PEER Next. The people and teams we work with have proved track record and are the best in their respective fields.