Top 5 must-have smoking accessories in India

Top 5 smoking accessories in India

Not only has it become trendy to own certain brands of smoking accessories, but it is also signal of the kind of personality you have. A person (above the age of 18) carrying an unbranded rolling paper brand vs a premium rolling paper brand for example, may signal a lot about the individual – quality seeker or not, penny pinching habits, awareness level, attention to detail etc. Consumers today are getting more aware due to widespread digital information, and as a result are more likely to make purchases that offer both value and quality. Here in this article we have listed top 7 smoking accessories that are a must-have in India. 

1. Activated Charcoal Filter Tips:

There are also called active carbon smoking filters, and there are a few quality options available in the market. Those who have travelled to Europe or US would definitely know about these filters as they are really trending in the West. Even in India if you go to a get-together in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc. there are high chances you will come across someone using these filter with their rolling paper. We at PEER Next offer quality products that are also price competitive as compared to the German options. These filters reduce the level of tar, and make the drags way smoother when compared to using a roach.  

2. RAW Black Rolling Paper:

RAW is a quality brand by HBI (parent company) and was founded by Josh Kesselman in USA in the year 1995. While RAW Browns are the more classic and popular paper variant, it is RAW Black which is more premium. The papers are among the thinnest papers found in the world. It contains natural vegan gum from Acacia trees, and the papers are made in Alcoy, Spain. No matter which store you go to, there are high chances you will see RAW products being sold.  

3. BiC Lighter:

BiC is America’s and the world’s highest selling lighter brand. These lighters are super durable and long lasting and that is why they are premium lighters. There are multiple budget brands of lighters available from China that make their way into India, however safety is a big concern for them. These unregulated lighters can burst anytime and cause serious injury to the user. We at PEER only deal in 100% original BiC lighters, which are made in Spain. 

4. One Hitter Pipe:

One hitters are essentially smoking pipes that have existed in the market since a while, however recently they are gaining traction as consumers in today’s times prefer convenience and time-saving gadgets. Normally one would use rolling paper and roaches which is more time consuming to make, and one would have to finish the entire thing if lit. With these one hitters, one can do micro dosing (0.25 grams at a time) and it is way more convenient and as one has to simply load, ignite and eject. At the same time it offers relatively more discretion which usage.   

5. Tobacco Pouch:

Rolling tobacco like American Spirit, Golden Virginia, Drum, and Amber Leaf are widely popular in India. They come in 30 or 50 gram pouches and offer a less expensive alternative than pre rolled tobacco cigarettes, while offering their own unique tastes. To keep these handy when you are on the go, and to the keep the tobacco fresh, a tobacco pouch is essential. There is limited options of quality pouches available in the market.


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